I had a birthday this week.  I did some fun things.  I like life.

1. Order 55 fish tacos for you and some friends.

2. Wave at a clown on 6th street.

3. Drive with all the windows down to the coffee shop.

4. Watch “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” projected on your living room wall.

5. Enjoy some Belgian beer.

6. Receive a small floral arrangement which resembles your family’s fluffy white bichon frise…seated in a cupcake.  (Some might call this a “pupcake”).

7. Go to the Oinkster.

8. Call your Grandma.  Learn that she is praying fervently for you to “meet a wonderful man like Grandpa was.”

9. Send your Mama flowers.  (She labored a lot to birth you, you know.)

10. Slow cook some chili.

11. Play some music.  Loud.

12. Talk to Jesus.

13. Cry some secret happy tears.

14. Get wonderful transcontinental phone calls from those who’ve known you since you were 17.

15. Eat flan with your neighbors.

It’s going to be a good year.  There will be some arcs of triumph.

[images by Adrian Nier and Joshua Heineman, respectively]

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