Note: These questions and answers will not be directly transcripted word-for-word but more idea-for-idea.

Question: The last line in the film deals with God and his discovery. Can you talk more about that?

Linnea’s Answer: Sometimes I’m doing something dangerous and am wading into that age-old argument of free-will. I’m just doing it in a shrink-a-dink version! I’m in my studio with pencils.

I’m proposing and experiencing through my work this creative tension between knowng almost everything about what i’m doing, but still experiencing newness. I’m experiencing, as far as I can tell, a certain degree, a very small degree of omniscience!

In omniscience, perhaps it means that you can also experience newness.

I know this is theologically-frought with troubles. But this is part of what art can do. It has given us experiences that are beyond definitions and still stand there and say: Here I am.

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