Sometimes when I imagine heaven, I think of it as an endless library.

An infinity to explore sounds nice to me. I think the library will extend far beyond just books. I imagine being able to have endless conversations with lots of people throughout history.

I started using my moleskine journal in a slightly more calculated way this year, after a bestie suggested that I google “Bullet Journaling.” While I’m still getting used to the Bullet technique, keeping lists of my reading habits has helped me enormously. If nothing else, it encourages me to finish the books that I start, and to think through the “why” of my reading habits. A little reading strategy doesn’t hurt.

Without necessarily trying, I’ve looked back and realized that I’m on course to read 50-60 books in 2016. I don’t think I’ve ever catalogued my book reading in this way, but it has been very gratifying to track. As a means of comparison, I only read about a dozen books in 2015.

These days, I’m reading tons on neuroscience and the brain, poetry and poetics, and linguistics. I’m also reading more about AI and machine learning.

I would really like to know:

Do you track the books you’ve read in a year?

What sorts of books do you hover around?


[image by John Nakamura Remy]

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