Name, State Your. D’Alessandro, Jenelle Rose

As, Also Known. Nelly; @freshgreenbeans

Metropolis, Current. Los Angeles, a’ la the East side (in the Heights above Highland Park)

About, What is this All. Trying to trace borders around the city, around poetry, around God.  Sometimes it seems they are racing around me.

Mail, Electronic. freshgreenbeans [at] gmail [dot] com

Prefer, Though I Much. Written post

Book, Most Loved. Letters to a Young Poet | by Rainer Maria Rilke

“To Border and Greet Me,” Yes. Is a Rilke Reference from said Book.

Alumna, Whose.  Fuller Theological Seminary (’08, ’09); UMBC (’02)

Green Beans, Favorite Dish With.  Hot and spicy szechuan, please.

While Running, Known to at Times. Play the Air Drums.

Utensil, Preferred Ink. Pilot G-2 07 blue

Learned How To, Never. Do cartwheels, breathe properly while swimming

Get Around, How I.  Toyota Matrix XR Trek 2.1 WSD, Orange. [’twas stolen after 3 yrs…sad]

Golf Ball, Preferred. Titleist Pro-V1

Italian, Favorite Phrase In. ci vediamo

8 thoughts on “A Few Things (About)

  1. (just so you know, i never learned how to do cartwheels either. i cant do them. its a fatal flaw.)

    : )

  2. I am enjoying your pictures and your writings… your blog has a way of making me feel like i’ve been missing someone…. it’s a strange feeling… but, I think I like it….

  3. Never seen Star Wars have you. Yet speak Yoda you do. 🙂 Sounds like you should give it a try. Btw – I’ve never seen ET – a huge miss for my generation. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

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