Diving in to a raw diet

Olá, July!  The month of World Cup finals, ‘merica Fireworks, and a wild reset for me.

This marks Day 001 whenceforth I am diving into a month-long Raw Food Boot-camp with some dear friends.  YIKES.  WHAT.  HELP.  OK.

The focus is on re-setting the body, soul, and spirit toward wholeness.  My superstar roommate, Jodi, is leading our little cohort of 12 folks online – she calls the whole shebang Lifetrition.

I believe there is safety in numbers.

‘Tis true.  I am excited for the challenge.  I have tons to learn about plant-based eating, as well as some not-great eating/drinking habits to un-learn.

I’ll try to document my process here – since this is not at all something I would normally venture into.  Mama mia.  The Nelly loves her meat, grains, dairy, and good beer.  For her last meal she definitely gorged on a Telegraph stout & delicious burger and fries at The Oinkster.

Oh and – I may be going raw for 31 days, but I’m not giving up the bean of glory.

Vintage coffee by Anto

[ thanks to Anto for the vintage coffee image & Justin for the Hawaii holga image – creative commons ]

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