Since my foray (read: baptism by full immmersion) back into poetry, I have been reading furiously. The last nine months I’ve been submerged in language (by way of advanced conversation courses at the Italian Cultural Institute), re-learning Latin at home, and stacks of contemporary poetry. It is, assuredly, a vast luxury to be surrounded by exceptional writing.


As a means of providing an entrance ramp to the ordinary onlooker, I’ve decided to begin composing ultra-short introductions to the chapbooks, literary magazines, and poetry collections I’ve been reading. I’ll do this in 50 word reviews — yes, exactly 50 words: not more, not less.


It is important to me that these are bite-sized introductions to various banqueting tables — just enough to lure you in a bit. Poetry simply cannot be appropriated or enjoyed in a rush, and it resists being consumed.


My hope is only that these 50 word reviews will serve as a sign post to pique some interest in the kinds of poetry being written today.


[ image from Austin Hill – Creative Commons ]

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