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I remember the year(s) in Portugal when my heart was cracked and dry. I needed to run near the ocean every day in order to clear my head to hear God. And over and over the waters whispered that times of refreshing would come to me.   And I believed them because I was told I was Beloved.

I would play Mates of State “An Experiment” through my iPod quite frequently because I was reinterpreting their already cryptic lyrics to my heart’s condition.

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I wonder if I could tie the ocean to your knees

Do you want to go dry now
So that I can say we’re holding on tomorrow?
Unforgivable faults, nonsense

I would embed my questions and fears and the hard-but-goodness of friendships into songs and let the São João sky direct me to the ocean. The unexpected changes and faux horns in Mates of State’s early songs gave me a secret space to hope for newness. And God saw it and it was good.

To this day the hypothetical “experiment” of having Someone tie the ocean to another’s knees is one of the prettiest images I can imagine.

2 thoughts on “3/ I Remember the Ocean in Estoril

  1. yes

    i remember meeting you half way.

    and then the lecture about how important the post-run stretch is for all muscles (heart included).

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