Three things I read this evening which I deem to be notably funny. (As in, funny “ha-ha,” not funny “oh, gross.”):

1. Rachel Chester’s suggestions on how to improve US airline travel, following her recent trip to Texas. She is a little bundle of texas riot bundled up in NYC. She is also a WordPress newbie using my same template. Cute!

2. Rachel Bowers’ list of what the 12th graders said to bid her farewell on her teaching placement. (It reminded me of the cute things the middle schoolers said to me on Career Day in 2006.) Rach was one of my wonderful flat-mates in the Portugal days, a country I am missing a great deal these days.

3. Oh, and then there is this bit from the middle east, which is both sad and hysterical at the same silly minute. Girls, know your boys before you marry them. And boys, get smart: buy your girl a rose (or five) a day. And plenty of cups of coffee.

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