The world does not need another blog.

Or, perhaps, this is not about the world, and all of its subterranean effervescence and grand summaries.

Very recently, a dear friend challenged me that she should not be a blogger, because she has nothing terribly important to say.  (I have heard this before, from many of you.  Yes, I’m looking at you.)

Well, this is my apology.  I think she does have something to say.

I think you have something to say.

I will say something.

I have been a half-hearted blogger for the last  three years.  Prior to that, I wrote words on this digital paper to help process aloud what I could not name in my heart.  The blog was a medium for me to do such a thing in-such-a-way that others *might* find beautiful.  Or more at home.

Writing is essentially a practice of hospitality.  I’ve realized how much I’ve missed it, in this form.

It is time to make a return.

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