Whilst trying to be a full-time grad student (RE: Theology), I am also attempting to be a small-business entrepreneur (RE: Copywriting/Editing).  In my off-mornings I am a barista.  And to cool-down in the afternoons I play dodgeball and tutor middle school students at a local non-profit.

I’ve had an uncanny amount of work with the writing/editing stuffs lately.  It has almost been overwhelming.  This is a good sign.  But why does this always seem to happen when I’m in finals?

I am feeling the proverbial when-it-rains-it…well, you know.

I am grateful to have plenty of work when the US economy is officially in recession.  Learning to manage my time is a continual learning-process.  Today I took a hearty nap.  It was good.  Americans need more naps.

I’m feeling a bit of strange solidarity with our Venezia (RE: it is raining, it is pouring).

Once again, thank you Joshua Heineman, of Cursive Buildings.  He’s done it again:


(Ideas, not Ideals No. 3 on Flickr)

One thought on “Raining / Pouring / An Old Man Somewhere is Snoring

  1. Hey Jenelle, I am right there with you. Someday we should talk about any ideas we learn about balance, cause it is tough. Hence me, never responding to your last email. I do want to catch up soon.

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