I finally bought myself a pocket-sized TNIV today. It is soft. It looks like a Boeing 737. It is not going to weigh down my bike ride. In truth, I was drawn to the name of its outer “style,” the Italian Duo-Tone. I am Italian. We can be a duo.

I realized today that it has been too long since I’ve really chewed on God’s words as consistent meals. I’ve been snacking here and there. I’ve considered the memories of really rich banquets from older days. Some words are hidden in my heart, and those are good, yes. But nothing is better than a fresh-worded feast.

No more accidentally starving yourself, please, girl.

6 thoughts on “Pocket-Sized Feast Enabler

  1. i have a pocket-sized ESV. if i am not at home, it is with me in my bag. if i am asleep, it is under my pillow (in hopes of osmosis? i am not quite sure). small-enough-to-always-be-beside-you versions of the words of our Father are wonderful. glad you have one. i am positive you will find it beneficial :o)

  2. i think the last time i regularly feasted properly was in our breakfast club days. oh dear. now i want a meio de lait in a smoky portuguese cafe with you and jasmina and our open bibles.

    big sigh.

  3. Hey there

    I bought a pocket NIV when I started seminary. at the time I was taking evening classes at the So Cal. ext. campus for Fuller. I was doing so much traveling – church, seminary, errands for church etc.. that I needed a mobile version of the Word. Not really the “fast food” version but rather “the feast to go”. 🙂 I used “down time” to snack on the Word, and also made sure to plan got to stop at a coffee shop or a few times a week – and .have a “meal of it” while drinking a latte. It was a great time of eating the word.

    Your posting reminds me of my own need to get back into that habit. It seems reading for class, has ironically made my own reading of the word a less regular event. Reading for class (talking about the Word, it’s implications etc) is no replacement for receiving the word it describes… The menu is no replacement for the actual feast. Thanks for the reminder.

    Blessings on your new Bible. It does look really cool.

  4. I find that I snack more than feast these days. I feel starved much of the time. I remember the days of old as well… I long for those feasts again. I have found myself in a season of drought and famine lately. I hope it passes soon…

    thanks for your words – good reminders to me… keep stirring the pot girlfriend. miss you.

  5. @ Joy
    Hopes of Osmosis! I really like that part.

    @ Lisa
    I have felt those words exactly. I miss those mornings in Sao Joao so much. I think I might’ve been actually sulking over it, and that might be why I have really been snacking.

    @ Mabel
    Thanks for stopping by! I bought the aero-duo-tone at the illustrious Fuller bookstore, Pasadena, California.

    @ Allison
    Thanks for that nice little glimpse into your life. You’re right. The menu is no replacement. Let us feast more. On not just lettuce.

    @ Melissa
    I hope the drought passes soon, too. Joy comes in the morning, I hear. Much love.

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