Well, as I haughtily predicted, I won some raffle prize during Bike to Work week. I’m not yet sure what it is that I won, because I had to be rushing off to the coffee shop after dropping my raffle ticket in the box at the City Hall festivities. I thought I had heard my name being horrifically mispronounced as I rode away on the Schwinn, but wasn’t sure.

A few moments after I’d arrived at the coffee bar and threw on my apron, Mister-double-cupped-double-shot-Americano-who-works-for-the-city showed up happy and smiling and said, “You won a raffle prize! I heard them say your name!”

And really, the whole time I secretly thought about how much I deserve a raffle prize. You know, since for me, every day is bike to work day. I wasn’t just in it for the free bagels and raffles, like these other good-natured posers.

[“Good morning! Would you like a double-shot pride latte, heavy on the vanilla?”]

I was riding down to Pasadena City Hall that morning and a friendly new bike commuter pulled up next to me at the intersection. He had a baby seat on the back of his wheels. I thought that was cute. We exchanged bike-to-work-morning greetings, and after he quipped that this was his first day riding to work, I famously offered that I have been riding since November.

[“Would you like our homemade whipped pride on top of that vaniller latte, ma’am?”]

I think all of my inner gloating has taken a toll on my immune system. I am sick again with a sore throat and a slight fever. Oh help me Jesus.

5 thoughts on “[My Pride] Bikes to Work.

  1. haha – that’s great. I feel the same way sometimes, though I haven’t ridden lately because of the baby. She’s almost big enough for me to get a seat on my bike too! Then it’s on!!!

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