Step one. Headphones and loud music.

Photo 63

Step Two.  Potent coffee in a ceramic mug.

Photo 64

Step Three.  A mental cocktail of slight-delirium, oh help me Jesus-type prayer, and dorky excitement for learning.

Photo 65

It also helps to have a Zeppe the puppy calendar on your wall.

Wednesday night update: 12 pages of 47 written and 1 other mini-project half-done.  The clock stops at 5pm Friday.  It just stops.  Andiamo!  Let’s go!

And: My classmate Matt Lumpkin relates this sketch he did of finals. It is accurate.

4 thoughts on “How to Survive Finals

  1. I’m sure the puppy calendar is the key to it all 😉

    You are SO cute. We have a lunch date on Sunday. Woo hoo! That’s 5 days before my departure (boo hoo AND woo hoo!)

    You can do this, you can do this, you can do this!

  2. I am pretty excited I stumbled upon your blog today… and have spent the last half hour running to catch up with you on the past couple months of seeing the world around you. You are beautiful Nelly – and I am grateful to have some space to walk with you between the ‘hello’ and the ‘goodbye.’

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