[When I get tired sometimes I go on Flickr and just browse all of other people’s fotos labled “Holga.”  It is fun and better than television shows.  This shot is by shadowbrush.]

Today I started a two-day seminar on ways to help heal the little hearts of children traumatized by awful things like war or displacement.  (I do love you, Fuller Seminary).

One thing we learned is that it is easy to help little ones talk to Jesus, and let him do the real work.  Without calling it “prayer,” we can show them how to slowly invite him into the safest part of their imagination (only if they’d like him there), helping them hear him say, “I love you and I want you to feel safe.”

And it reminded me of the simple and profound ways people have prayed with me, in a similar way.  I learned a few things in those heart-discovering-and-healing times.  I am still learning.

I have learned that I am just a little girl on a swing in flip-flops.  Different things might push me along just fine, but really I love it most when someone swings next to me.

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