I like Whidbey Island.  The crickets are loud.  The greens are deep greens.  And peacocks sometimes fly onto our roof before dinner and we laugh at them for long moments as if they were our Island cable television.

I have only been here about 24 hours and I have probably consumed 10 cups of chai with my brothers.  Tomorrow: I will sample proper Pacific Northwest coffee for the first time.  It will be good.

Today I took a long luxurious walk with Annie to bring the boys lunch at their painting job.  The view of the water below was peace medicine for my over-worked heart/mind.  I discovered how little I’ve walked places since moving back from Europe.  My footsies burned a bit, but it was a good burn.

I made us a little dinner this evening and then we ate homemade cookies on the porch while the crickets sang to us.  Chris Mack poured me milk into a plastic champagne flute and I remembered how much I like milk.  Then Trevor sat on the rocking chair next to me on the porch and sang me a new song he wrote and I breathed it all in very deep.  This is a good resting place.

2 thoughts on “From a Porch on Whidbey

  1. reading this makes my heart so full, from so far…
    i will be there in a couple of weeks, and i will think of you. so happy you are all in washington, the beloved. love you jenelle.

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