4 thoughts on “day eleven.

  1. Joy,
    Yes, I understand that. I know it was a loaded caption.

    For me, I get bored when I don’t have the opportunity to use my gifts, freely. Boredom comes when I don’t have the space/opportunity to be “me.” Ideally, I’m being “me” in the company of others who are also walking in that freedom. But, if I have to choose, I’d choose being fully “me” while waiting for the community. I prefer loneliness to boredom. I wrote it in my journal once as a really weird confession of gratitude.

  2. nice boots. they remind me of the 8 fun pairs of kids gum boots that my team just bought as a house gift for the manner house we stayed at in Scotland last weekend. they had about 20 pairs for guests lined up at the back door so that you could walk down to the loch without sinking your city shoes in the mud. but no kids’ sizes. we bought good ones, like these. so fun!

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