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I must say, I welcome you to send me one-line nudges a ‘la “please post a new blog, dear” via the messenger bird, the postcard, the Twitter, or email (freshgreenbeans at gmail).  Extra points if you can manage it as a haiku.  I’ll post the best of them here.

There is so much I’ve queued up to share with you.  So much that it deserves one of my enduring lists.

Things To Blog About (Soon, You)

1. How Poetry Preserves not only Language, but Local Culture.  (cf. T.S. Eliot)

2. Musings on the strange connections between marathon training and pregnant women preparing to go into labor.

3. Part 2 of In December, Drinking Horchata! Recipe Experimentation.

4. Vocational Mashup: The Unexpected Map from Young Life Staff in Europe to Business Owner in Los Angeles

5. Defining Vocation

6. DIY Classics: Why I Want to Re-learn Latin

7. Looking afresh at Dante’s Divine Comedy

8. How the Slow Kid Can Learn to Love Running

9. My Hopes for Pope Francis and his Jesuit Flavor

10. Connecting the Dots of Theology, Literature, and Running: Putting My 2013 Booklist on Paper

11. Turning Cacophany into Melody; on Living Quietly in the Constant Noise of Urban Los Angeles

[Image by Francesca G.]

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