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After almost 4 days of doing about 95% raw foods, I’m feeling sprightly.  I’m digging how this 31 day challenge makes eating so simple.  I need more simplicity in all of my layered patterns of life.

Also. I still think about cheeseburgers.  Sometimes at breakfast.

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Have any of you ever done a raw food (or just plain vegan) thing like this?  I would truly love to know your experience – for better or for worse. Some of you have emailed me some short anecdotes about the “for worse” bit, and I think there’s much to it.

I promise that I will soon process aloud more of my experience with food and the enjoyment thereof, and why I am doing this 31 day bootcamp.  I am a red blooded Italian woman.  Meals mean something to me.  This isn’t a diet that I’m doing, it’s more like a spiritual fast a ‘la the Daniel Fast.  In particular, this is definitely not something I’m doing to assuage some cosmic guilt over the admittedly not-great consumption habits I’ve gotten stuck in.

One of the things that irritates me most about American eating is that guilt plagues the US conscience when it comes to food, so much so that even health-conscience, well-meaning people end up missing the whole point. So much guilt, so much body shame.

The sickly familiar food-guilt and body shame thing is something, I’d argue, that is wholly unique to America.  This is a guilt/shame that I never experienced seeping from the pores of folks when I lived in Europe for nearly 4 years.

The pH test to me is always something along the lines of – protecting the desire to truly enjoy meals.  When someone is eating on the run, eating just for “nutrients,” or eating poorly because it’s convenient – it’s all the same danger zone, in my mind.

What are you thinking?

[ Palm Trees by Ben Millett ]


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